Travel to Armenia
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Why Armenia?

Armenia has become a popular destination for travelers all over the world seeking to explore a nation rich with culture and an abundance of historic sights and landscapes.

The following are some of the many reasons to visit the beautiful country of Armenia.


The historical capital of Yerevan with its Mediterranean culture, growing art scene and many restaurants and cafes.

Wings of Tatev

The world longest aerial tramway know as the “Wings of Tatev”.

First Christian Country

The first culture to adopt Christianity more than 1700 years ago in 301 AD.


The county’s ancient and rich culture.

World Heritage Sites

The sites included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites as having outstanding universal value.

Historic Sites

Many of the country’s ancient monasteries, churches and forts set against the backdrop of incredible natural beauty.

3000 years of History

The exotic and ancient architecture spanning the countries 3000 year old history.

Lake Sevan

The beautiful and mountainous Lake Sevan, which is the highest elevation lake in Eurasia as well as one of the largest lakes in the world.


The many wineries and cognac factories. Armenia is the location of the oldest winery in the world which dates back to 4000 B.C.


The amazing Stonehenge of Armenia which long predates Stonehenge in England