Travel to Armenia
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Armenia Travel Information

Entry Requirements

All visitors to Armenia must hold a valid passport and entry visa. For complete information regarding visas guidelines, please visit the official website of the Minitry of Foreign Affairs or contact your local Armenian Embassy or Consulate.

Facts & Figures
Country Official Name: Conventional long form: The Republic of Armenia
Conventional short form: Armenia
Local short form: Hayastan
Area: 29,800 sq. km.
Capital: Yerevan
Population: 3.7 million
Currency: Dram (AMD).
For current exchange rates please visit the Central Bank of Armenia’s website (
Time: GMT + 4
Ethnic Composition: 96% Armenian. Minorities: Russian, Yezidis, Assyrians, Greeks, Ukranians, Jews, Kurds and others.
Language: Armenian
Religion: Christian (Armenian Apostolic)
Climate: Dry Continental
Current Voltage: AC 220V, 50Hz.
Internet Country Code: .am
Neighboring Countries: To the north – Georgia
To the south – Iran
To the east – Azerbaijan
To the west – Turkey

National Holidays
January 1 New Years Day
January 6 Christmas Day
March 8 Women’s Day
April 24 Genocide Memorial Day
May 9 Victory & Peace Day
May 28 Day of First Republic
July 5 Constitution Day
September 21 Independence Day
December 7 December 7 - Day of Remembrance (1988 Earthquake)